Additionally viewed as a cell reinforcement

On account of the wealth of its structure, it offers brilliant advantages to the skin, for example,

Counteract and hinder untimely maturing gratitude to its high cancer prevention agent content.


Fixes the skin boundary.

Sebo-controller for oily skin.

Skin regenerator that lessens skin marks, brought about by stretch stamps, scars and checks brought about by skin break out on skin that will in general happen.

And every one of these advantages are enclosed by a charming surface and smell, without leaving an oily feeling when connected to the skin.

Set out to attempt every one of

these properties in our COMBO REGENERA + serum in a superb mix with flower petal oil and carrot oil. It’s only enough to apply a couple of drops to the palm of your hand and apply it as a serious consideration serum or a facial cover by following up on your skin for 15 minutes or by adding a couple of drops to your face cream. Day by day use, for example, our SOURCE OF HAPPINESS day facial cream .


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