ENLARGE contains natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to help with erectile dysfunction. Due to its natural ingredients, it can be consumed for a long time without undesirable side effects.


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Impotence affects 10% of men aged about 30 and more than 50% of men over 40.

Causes of impotence may be psychic,

physical or combined psychic.  Physical causes are most often the result of an organic disorder.

It can lead to increased levels of nitric oxide

, which dilates blood vessels, thereby improving and increasing blood flow to the male genital organ and accelerating blood circulation through the body. Erectile dysfunction is often due to poor blood circulation. Studies examining the effects of L-arginine in men on erectile dysfunction have shown that high-dose oral administration of L-arginine significantly improves subjective sexual function in men with organic erectile dysfunction, in whom the production or excretion of nitric oxide is reduced.


It acts on the central nervous system and has anxiolytic and adaptogenic actions, which help to strengthen libido. A study examining the effects of Korean red ginseng on men with erectile dysfunction showed an erection improvement in most patients. It also showed significant improvement in penis hardness.


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