11,000 liters of air for every day go through our lungs. Sikandar e azamĀ  Price in Pakistan,Simultaneously, our heart beats around multiple times, siphoning 12,000 liters of blood through a sum of 1,600 kilometers of veins in the body. On the off chance that the body is sound, we see not many of these procedures – and it isn’t on the grounds that we go through around 24 years of our life in a fantasy …

Our body in numbers –

we begin from the top: Up to 150,000 hairs are our responsibility, every one of which develops about day by day and can satisfy seven years. In the event that we never trim our hair, they would be almost 10 meters in length overall 80 years – nails would reach around 28 meters.

Under the scalp, there are 100 billion nerve cells in the cerebrum –

In charge of, in addition to other things, having the option to see up to 10,000 unique smells and flavors (sweet, acrid, salty, yet in addition umami). In the event that every one of the cells in the body are masterminded, this would bring about a chain that is multiple times adequate around the equator (100 trillion cells).

The entire body is encompassed by the biggest all things considered,

The skin weighing as much as 10 kilograms and estimating 2 square meters. what’s more, restored superficially at regular intervals. This is bolstered by 212 bones, the littlest of which is 3 mm (the third of the bones in the center ear), the biggest is on the pelvis and the longest is in the thigh. There are likewise 656 muscles, around 400 ligaments and endless ligament. The biggest muscle is our gluteal muscle, ie. ass.


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