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Warranty Terms

* Defective product must be notified to our Customer Care Department within 48 hours of delivery received.
* All electrical goods have a Warranty of 1 months from date of receipt to customer.
* During Warranty period, product will be repaired.
* Under some circumstances if product cannot be repaired It will be replaced depending on stock availability at that point of time.
* Warranty is void if product is tampered with or repair Attempted at customers end & prior to receipt at New Teleshop ware house.
* Warranty is void if product is not used following specific Guidelines as per manual/instruction booklet.
* Repair requests are not entertained after expiration of Warranty.
* New Teleshop does not supply any extra attachments.
* Apart from one supplied in original product.
* No loose spare parts will be supplied by New Teleshop during Warranty period.
* New Teleshop is not responsible for replacement of product if it is Mishandled due to negligence at customers end & or if damaged during transit.
* During Warranty period, New Teleshop will not refund money If product can be repaired or replaced.
* For repairs/replacements under Warranty, product must be delivered to New Teleshop where house by customer at his or her own cost.
* Return Charges will be borne By New Teleshop under such circumstances.
(Note): in case of returning product to company by any reason, 25% charges will be deducted from actual price mention on invoice.